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EdUCate! Event
October 3, 2009
2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Standley Park

Fire Watch Meeting
October 8, 2009
6:00 p.m.

Standley Rec. Center
UCPG Meeting
October 13, 2009
6 p.m.,
Forum Hall at UTC
Public invited

High Speed Rail Meeting
October 13, 2009
3-7 p.m.
Jewish Community Cntr.

UCCA Board Meeting
October 12, 2009
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.,
UC Library
Public invited

4th of July
UC Celebration
Planning Committee
October 21, 2009
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Standley Rec. Center
All are welcome

Standley Rec.Council
October 22, 2009 7:00 p.m.,
Standley Park
Public invited

Halloween Carnival
October 30, 2009
5 p.m.-8 p.m.
Standley Park


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October site news

Beside chasing typos (!), a few extras have been added this month to the UCCA community site: today’s date in the upper middle of the page; banners of animated ads on the left and in the bottom of the page (thank you for your patience, Terri!); calendar of events that can be edited by the community online; classified ads that can be posted again by the community online and a search engine for the site and the web. Please, try the calendar, the classified ads and the search engine, it is easy! To implement these new features, applets have been used from Bravenet, at http:// www.bravenet.com/, free of charge. For the number crunchers, to this date, the site represents 58 pages, that's 257 files in 12 folders for a total of 21 Mo and... 981 visitors.


September site news

It has been about 2 months since the 17th of June when our new community site www.uccanews.org went online.

By mid September, 755 visitors checked out the site. That is about 7 a day, far from the unique visitor per day of the previous site! Twenty-six percent of those visitors are
returning visitors, that is, visitors who have previously visited the website. An image being worth a thousand words, please, see the graph here below and... be
that special 1000th visitor!

stats site
For the geeks, the most frequently used U.C. community
screen resolution, operating system and web browser are respectively 1024x768, Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.x.

Many thanks to Sarah ANDERSON, the Standley Recreation center director, who sent the pictures and the information on the recreation related pages at http://www.ucca-news.org/recreation.html; to Connie and Matthew K. WUEST for the very first picture sent by U.C. residents and published on the site; to Chris HEARN for sending over the link http://www.fbcsd.com to the site of the First Baptist Church; to Faedra SICK who sent a classified; to Sandy LIPPE for taking great pictures of the 4th of July Celebration; to Sandy LIPPE again and Terri DAY for chasing typos (like lightning in... Christmas tree

Thanks as well for voting. 83% think Swanson pool should stay open year round and 17% - it should close 3 months. For now, the Will Faeber Band comes first with 59% of the votes. Please, continue to vote.

There have been though less contributions in 2 months with the new than with the previous Internet site, may be because of the hot Summer months or... the new richer interface which may appear intimidating with its 51 large, colorful pages.

Again, to contact us, you can use the Contact us page or
the following e-mail addresses:
president@ucca-news.org to contact the UCCA president,
editor@ucca-news.org to contact the UCCA newletter
editor, advertising@ucca-news.org, to advertise in the UCCA newsletter and on the UCCA Internet site, distribution@ucca-news.org to help with the newsletter distribution and webmaster@ucca-news.org to contact the UCCA site webmaster.

Please, rate the Internet site at http://www.ucca-news.org/rate.html to let’s us know what we can do better.

The UCCA site is updated monthly in regard to the
community newsletter, plus on an as needed basis (news,
events, pictures). Please, tell us more about your school, daycare, library, church, business, etc. We will publish it as
information for the community.

This site is a community Internet site.


July site news

We have a lot to celebrate at the UCCA right now - a new
president, a newsletter editor, a new Internet site and...
still the same great community traditions!

The new community Internet site at www.ucca-news.org is
packed with up to date local news and events, plus relevant information about University City and UCCA, the University City Community Association.

On the new site, U.C. residents could easily find about the
University City and its history, schools, libraries, parks, houses of worship, malls, banks, etc., and learn about the University City Community Association, how to join or renew, how to advertise on the site or sponsor the association, the events the association is organizing annually, such as the Christmas tree lighting, the 4th of July celebration, the Summer concerts and the Community clean-up, plus the ongoing projects of the association, such as Adopt-A-Highway, Street banners and Beautification.

The site features a Contact us page, pool vote and bands vote forms, plus a detailed web feedback form, association
e-mails addresses by function to ensure an unified user
interface, such as president@ucca-news.org, advertising@ucca-news.org or concerts@ucca-news.org. The site also features still and animated pictures, animated clipart, still and animated advertising online, world headline news, links to other community sites, such as www.uc-educate.org or www.ConnectingUC.com, and a site visitors counter. The site contains as well an online
newsletter archive, plus archives of passed news and events.

The UCCA site is updated monthly in regard to the community newsletter, plus on an as needed basis (news, events, pictures).

This site is a community Internet site. Please, tell us more about your school, day-care, library, church, business, etc. in the Contact us page or use the corresponding e-mail addresses. We will publish it as information for the community.

Right now, pictures and comments of U.C. events are needed, such as the Christmas tree lightning, the 4th of July Celebration (namely, the bike parade), the Summer concerts, etc. So, please, send yours to webmaster@uccanews.org.

And… fair winds and following seas to our community newsletter and Internet site!

Visit us often, there is always something new.

Thank you for caring!

Mila CRIDLIG, UCCA Website committee

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