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Balboa Park 2125 Park Blvd SAN DIEGO CA 92101 (619) 234 0739 www.houseoffrance.org

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Why becoming a member?

Membership of the House of France is an easy and inexpensive way to receive our newsletter, keep up to date on French happenings in the region, and to promote and participate in the local French Culture.

The house of France is open for your enjoyment thanks to our volunteers and because of a certain number of memberships. If that number is not high enough, the City of San Diego will reassign the house to another country.

You do not need to be French to be a member and it takes only few minutes.

Nous espérons que tous nos membres encourageront leurs amis et connaissances francophones à se joindre à notre association. Vous pouvez obtenir plus de renseignements en contactant par e-mail les membres du bureau.

Memberships and renewals

Membership rates for 2009 (calendar year), to renew in January:

Single / Individuelle : $17

Family / Famille: $25

Life Member/ Membre À Vie (75 ans + 8 années d’adhésion): free / gratuit

To enroll or renew your membership, please, print and fill out the membership form and send it with your check to the address provided on the form.

Pour adhérer, merci de remplir le bulletin d'adhésion et de le faire parvenir à l’adresse indiquée sur le bulletin.


Every member should volunteer to open the cottage one Sunday afternoon (noon to 4:00 pm) once a year. Come with a friend, a family member. Bring some French food and your smile. Being a host is a lot of fun and the opportunity to meet people from all venues interested in the French culture. Additionally, you don’t need to speak French.

We thank from the bottom of our heart all the members who have already volunteered. A special thank to the dynamic Shirley S. and her French students from SDU (San Diego University). We thank in advance all the future hostesses and hosts.

Please, contact Catherine B.-I. for more information and to host at hosting@houseoffrance.org or see on the Open House page how to use our calendar to sign on line.

Nouveaux membres

Welcome! Bienvenue!
familles Gille, Pleynet, Geffroy et Audrey ainsi qu’à Françoise Shah.
Mila et Régis C. ainsi qu’à leurs enfants Anna, Nicolas et Alexandre.
Eléna et Robert L., ainsi qu’à leur fille Aline.
Marc M.

Your time and talents are always welcomed!