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Balboa Park 2125 Park Blvd SAN DIEGO CA 92101 (619) 234 0739 www.houseoffrance.org

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Enjoy digital books in French!

Enjoy these pictures of San Diego!

See the pictures taken by... An American in Paris!

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There is always something new, come to visit us again soon!

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Open house...

Open to the public the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month, from noon to 4:00 pm

The House of France in Balboa Park is open the first 2 Sundays of the month and sometimes the 5th one.

The House of France is a window on France. Come, have a look and enjoy a snack.


Sign to host the House of France by e-mail or on-line

You do not have to be Franch to host the House of France! 2 ways for you to sign to host the cottage: by e-mail and on-line.

Please, contact by e-mail Catherine B.-I. for more information and to host at hosting@houseoffrance.org.

To sign yourself to host on-line, use our Sunday hosts calendar on the left of this page. Hit the View my Calendar button, click on the date and from noon to 4:00 pm for the time, then type "Hosting cottage" in the Enter a short title box and your name (first name plus last name initial) in the event description box. You can also choose your own icon or use the default one.

The good thing about the online calendar is that it can be seen by all, updated by all and that, at all times. You can even ask for an e-mail to be sent to you as a reminder - simply click on the day and time and then on the Remind me link.

Yet another feature of the online calendar is the daily, weekly and montly view, which makes it easy to oversee the whole month for Sundays that have been taken (the one that bear a name or names) or are still open (the ones that are left blank).

By the way, the calendar entries may be reedited by the person who entered them,
if there is a change of schedule, for all to see. You cannot though erase someone
else's entry (write to the webmaster for that, it is a deontology thing).

To resume browsing the House of France site after after you have viewed or edited the calendar, hit the link Return to home page in the upper right of the calendar or the Go back one page button (the left arrow) of your browser.

If needed, contact the webmaster.


Open house

Open house


Your time and talents are always welcomed!