About us...

We are a family of five living in San Diego, Southern California.

Anna and Nicolas are with Spreckels Elementary. Alexandre is with the day-care at the MCRD.
Anna is taking violin classes twice a week this year. She has catechism classes every Tuesday and
sings in the choir every Sunday at church. She has just completed her altar server classes
and has served her first mass on Christmas day 2006. From now on, she will be serving mass
every other Sunday.

Mom Mila is taking classes at S
DSUtowards a Masterin Computer Sciences. She is also
leaning how to flight at The North Island Flying Club. She does ikebana and cooking classes at
the Stanley Recreation Center on Mondays. She is member of 2 associations - a French one,
The French Cottage, at Balboa Park, and an American one, the UCCA. She is presently r
Internet sites for both of them.

Dad Régis is
a system engineer for Cardinal Health. On WE,he likes to go out for a bike ride or

And we are loving it!...